Vol. 101, Svensk tidskrift för musikforskning / Swedish Journal of Music Research (2019)

Welcome to the 2019 centenary issue of STM–SJM.

In celebration of the hundredth anniversary of Svensk tidskrift för musikforskning (now STM–SJM), the 2019 issue offers new insight into the history, the present and (maybe even) the future of Swedish music research.

An introductory article by Håkan Lundström (Lund University) will delineate the history of music research in Sweden with regard to its roots as well as to its increasing diversification. Other peer-reviewed articles that will appear in the coming months investigate and discuss specific issues regarding music production, music education, music and politics, music historiography, the history of music theory, and the establishment of musicology in the Nordic countries.

In the article ‘”Jag ser till att bli uppfattad som en vanlig DDR-medborgare”: musikforskaren Gerd Schönfelder, Kungl. Musikaliska akademien och Stasi’, Petra Garberding (ethnology, Södertörn University), Ursula Geisler (musicology, Linnæus University) and Henrik Rosengren (history, Lund University) offer the first scholarly investigation of the activities of the East-German musicologist and music administrator Gerd Schönfelder (1936–2000) in Sweden in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Using material from archives in Germany and Sweden, the authors trace Schönfelder’s contacts with the Swedish music sector and explore his relationship to the East German security service, Stasi, and his work as an ‘unofficial employee’ for Stasi in Sweden.

The centenary issue also contains a debate section specifically relating to the future of Swedish music research, or music research in Sweden. In the first contribution to be published, ”Vad betyder egentligen ’svensk musikforskning’?” (What is the meaning of  ’Swedish music research’?), Lars Berglund (Uppsala University) argues that the wording ”Swedish music research” belongs in the graveyard of historical concepts.

If you would like to reply to Lars Berglund, or to word you position on some other matter regarding the topic of the debate section, please contact one of the editors.

A number of reviews of music literature are availabe via links in the left-hand column, and more are being prepared.

11 October 2019,
Tobias Lund, editor-in-chief

101, Svensk tidskrift för musikforskning / Swedish Journal of Music Research