Jazz as an Ethnomusicological Research Field

Tor Dybo

In this article the focus falls specifically on new tendencies in the field of jazz research. This is an area of study that has undergone extensive changes with respect to a number of overarching questions that, in broad terms, have ranged from the focus on jazz as a stylistic work to that of intrinsic complexity and cultural significance. In the case of the latter, the issue of expression in jazz is interpreted within a cultural context. By suggesting such new tendencies in jazz we inevitably enter the ethnomusicological research field, which is characterized by the underlying focus on music within and as part of culture, and, in addition, as an interdisciplinary approach to the field where theories and methods are extracted from the bordering disciplines of history, religious studies, cultural studies, social anthropology, sociology, media studies, as part of an analytical objective.

©Tor Dybo, 2008

STM-Online vol. 11 (2008)


ISSN: 1403-5715