Vol. Svensk tidskrift för musikforskning 97 (2015)

Welcome to the second issue of the Swedish Journal of Music Research/STM–SJM, equivalent to the 97th volume of Svensk tidskrift för musikforskning.

STM–SJM is a peer-reviewed journal for music research in various disciplines. Musicology, Music Education Research, and Artistic Research in Music are the three core areas, and research concerning music carried on in other disciplines within the Humanities and the Social Sciences, like History, Ethnology, Sociology, or Media and Communication Studies, are clearly within its scope. STM–SJMis published both in electronic (Open Access, continuous publication) and paper format. Its aim and ambition is to be not just a prime platform for the publication of music research executed in Sweden, but an important platform for researchers in the other Nordic countries, as well as a strong alter native for the publication of research on music and musical phenomena related to the Nordic countries, irrespective of provenience.

About this issue

The second issue of STM–SJM includes peer reviewed articles, reviews, and obituaries.

‘Between critic and public. Listening to the musical work in Stockholm during the long 19th century’ is an article by Professor Ulrik Volgsten. (At the time of electronic publication (June 23, 2015), Volgsten was Associate Professor in Musicology at the School of Music, Theatre and Art, Örebro University.) Through a systematic, selective study of the daily press criticism in Stockholm in the 19th century, the author qualifies the picture of 19th-century listeners as in general apprehending music as autonomous musical works.

‘Music listening and matters of equality in music education’ is an article jointly written by Professor Eva Georgii-Hemming, School of Music, Theatre and Art, Örebro University, and Ph.D. Victor Kvarnhall. Taking its point of departure in the notion of inclusion in an educational context, as well as a certain idea of how music and societal construct is related, it recognizes the excluding effect on some students of the current use of certain varieties of popular music in public school music education – in, e.g., the Nordic countries. Against this background, the article enters an extensive discussion of how educators could use classroom practice in music listening for furthering equality and inclusion.

‘The revised versions of Kurt Atterberg’s symphonies’ documents the research done by Ph D Carola Finkel, lecturer at Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt, concerning the different versions of three of Atterberg’s symphonies. The author relates the history and the details of the different versions, and sets the stage for more considerate choices in the performance of these works.

In ‘The music classroom as a local place and a public space: Democratic education towards music as a language of us all’, Cecilia Ferm Thorgersen, Professor in Music Education at Luleå University of Technology, investigates the implications of the philosopher Hannah Arendt’s thoughts on democracy, equality and freedom for the realization of the Swedish curriculum for compulsory schools (Lgr 11). In other words, Arendt is suggested as a guide for music educators to interpret the steering documents of the music education.

STM–SJM has received funding from the Swedish Research Council for production and distribution of the volume 2015.

Stockholm 31 January 2016

Jacob Derkert

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