Jonas Lundblad


Jonas Lundblad is a musicologist and organ recitalist. His research typically seeks out intersections between aesthetics and historical musicology in Swedish, German or French art music since 1800. Early German Romantic aesthetics, especially Friedrich Schleiermacher, is a focal area from a background in theological research. Olivier Messiaen is another central interest, both in performance and scholarship. Jonas has been a research fellow and teacher in the Department of Musicology at Uppsala University since 2014. He currently serves as editor for a multi-volumed history of church music in Sweden and himself authors a monograph on developments throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Previous edited volumes include Lutheran Music Culture: Ideals and Practices (De Gruyter, 2021).

Jonas draws on his dual competence as a recording artist. An ongoing series of CDs document previously largely unknown aspects of Swedish organ music. Recordings of Messiaen’s organ works, set in their historical contexts with other repertoire, are due to appear from 2023.