Karin Nelson


Karin Nelson is Professor of Organ and Church Music at the Norwegian Academy of -Music, Oslo, and at the University of Gothenburg. Her PhD dissertation in musicology, Improvisation and pedagogy through Heinrich Scheidemann’s Magnificat settings (2010), focused on how musicians of different epochs and backgrounds have related to notated music and how they use written compositions as a basis for improvisations. In parallel with recitals and teaching, Karin Nelson has been committed to an intense experimental artistic development work focusing on dialogue of genres, traditions and contexts. At the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo she has carried out research and development on early toccatas as sources of inspiration and sources for improvisation. Another dimension of Karin Nelson’s developmental work is addressing pedagogy as a moving force in music culture: departing from sources like Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck and Dieterich Buxtehude, she has explored the eventuality of their music being notated mainly as a consequence of a primarily educational context.