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Svensk tidskrift för musikforskning (STM)

(Swedish journal of musicology)

ISSN 1653-9672


is published by the Swedish Society for Musicology. The Society was founded in 1919 and STM has appeared uninterruptedly since then: this makes it one of  the oldest extant musicological periodicals in Europe. STM is the foremost and currently the only general forum for musicological research in Sweden. In addition to scholarly papers, it contains extensive reviews and, recently, abstracts of undergraduate essays from the musicological departments at Swedish unversities. The majority of contributions and reviews are in Swedish, but English and German occur as well.

The digitization of STM is a cooperative project between the Society and the Swedish National Collections of Music, funded by a grant from the Helge Axelson Johnson Foundation. The aim is to make articles and other content accessible in an archive for researchers and the general public. Because of the archival mission, there is a three-year "moving wall"  between the most recently published volume and those available here. For current contents we refer to the Bibliography of Swedish Music Literature (see search tips) and citations and abstracts in RILM abstracts. Printed back issues are available from the Society and in many libraries worldwide.

The scanning is carried out by the Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research under the supervision of Lena Forsgren, and the web publication by Anders Lönn, webmaster at the Music Library of Sweden, which hosts the database. The scanned images may not be 100%  identical to the printed original. If absolute accuracy is critical, you are advised to consult the published issue. Earlier volumes back to 1919 and other content than articles and reviews is work in progress.

Technical information

©The copyright of individual contributions rests with the author and the Swedish Society for Musicology. Swedish copyright law allows all kinds of quotations (including music examples) in scholarly or critical texts without permission by the copyright holder. It is also permitted to make a copy of individual articles for personal use. Making a copy of the entire database is not allowed.

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