Historical background

Svensk tidskrift för musikforskning (STM), the first Swedish scholarly music journal, saw the light in 1919, then as now published by Svenska samfundet för musikforskning (The Swedish Society for Music Research), founded in the same year. The focus of the journal was originally Swedish music history, but in later years it has developed a more Nordic profile in terms of subject matter as well as contributing authors. Beginning in the 1960s, an increasing number of articles have been published in English, and from 1962 the journal was given a parallel English name, Swedish Journal of Musicology. In 2014, the English name of the journal was changed to Swedish Journal of Music Research, which, apart from being a more faithful translation of the Swedish name, reflects the aim of the journal to encompass a broader multidisciplinary spectrum of music-related research. Besides musicology with its subdisciplines this includes, for instance, music education and artistic research in music. The 2013 issue was entirely dedicated to the latter discipline.

A process of digitization of previous volumes, initiated around 2005, was completed in September 2021. The content of all printed volumes from the beginning in 1919 until 2013 is accessible via an online database, together with issue 2014/1 (containing only book reviews and summaries of students’ theses), which was published exclusively in electronic format.

In 1998, a parallel electronic journal, STM-Online, was introduced, also published by Svenska samfundet för musikforskning but with a content independent of the printed journal and with a different editorial staff. The initial impetus behind the creation of this second journal was the development of electronic publishing. Since then, the trend towards Open Access as a general principle for scholarly publishing has made the distinction between printed media and electronic media less clear, thereby making the regime with two journals primarily distinguished on technical grounds obsolete. Consequently, in 2014 the two journals merged, under the name of Svensk tidskrift för musikforskning/Swedish Journal of Music Research (STM–SJM). The bilingual name reflects the increasingly international character of the journal, which, however, still has Swedish and Nordic music as its core content. The journal is published in both electronic and printed format, with identical content.